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"The largest compilation of carbon rates and benchmarks. "

With the changing demands and requirements of today's design projects, you need tools to meet the challenges.

Australia's No.1 source of design ready embodied carbon rates for contruction materials and assemblies.  Join the leaders achieve:

■   Save research time and costs while reducing embodied carbon in building designs.

■   Ground breaking Star rating system for whole buildings.   

■   Bring the LCA process in-house, and save on LCA consultancy fees

■   Minimal set-up costs or training needed,  get accurate carbon insights into materials for your designs, fast.

■   Over 1100 rates for materials updated twice a year, saving you hours of research per project

■   A fully searchable, online database, so you can pinpoint the data you need, conveniently, from wherever you are

■   Visual design guides and performance benchmarks, making it easier to envision your options

■   The GreenBook is ISO compliant, with leading LCI data sources,  confidence in science behind the rates

■   ASMM6- and NPWC- formatted figures, making budget alignment easier for you

■   Have a particularly complex project? Book a professional consultation with us when you need extra support.

■   Custom products or materials? For affordable custom carbon rate assessments, contact us now.



  • $AUD 499 (incl. GST)
  • Individual Practitioners only
  • Includes updates
  • Custom rates & reports from $AUD 199 plus GST



  • $AUD 1,499 (incl. GST)
  • Supporting 2-10 Practitioners
  • Includes updates
  • Custom rates & reports from $AUD 199 plus GST



  • Contact us for a Quotation
  • Licence: from 10 seats
  • Includes updates
  • Custom rates & reports from $AUD 199 plus GST



  • Pricing by quotation
  • Licence: Campus wide access via IP
  • Includes updates

Your practice & star ratings


By using the Greenbook, your practice can take charge of the LCA process, allowing you to fully manage the design process and workflow.

With no need to engage LCA consultants to undertake and complete assessments, you not only increase your office's service offerings but also increase your brand to your clients. With minimal setup cost and training, you can recoup your project research costs associated with star ratings within one day!

Key Benefits

1: ASMM6 and NPWC format for budget alignment.
2: ISO compliant with leading LCI data sources.
3: Online accessible 24/7 globally - Fully searchable.
4: Over 1100 rates - updated twice a year.
5: Visual design guides and performance benchmarks.
6: Customised specific search requests available.
7: Branded and EPD/ECO-labellled products.
8: No set-up costs or training needed.

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